The Go Cube mission

A 16-year expertise serving our clients throughout Quebec!


Go Cube was founded over 16 years ago with one goal in mind: simplify our customers’ lives. Thanks to our high-quality concept, our team’s professionalism and the accessibility of our 4 branches, we have the ability to offer the best mobile storage service for any residential, commercial and institutional sector in most major cities of Quebec.

Go Cube is equally proud to offer its customers tailored storage solutions that save time and money on a daily basis.

Values promoted by Go Cube

Since its founding, Go Cube has always prioritized customer satisfaction and honouring its commitments. This is why we promote fundamental values that represent us and reflect our attention to details.


When you choose Go Cube for the storage of your goods, you can rest assured they are handled with care and transported safely. Our experienced drivers and our employees, recognized for their professionalism, take great care of every piece of furniture or item entrusted to us.


The security of your belongings is a priority for us. Not only are our cubes locked, but our warehouses are highly-secure and equipped with high-performance surveillance systems. Moreover, all warehouse visits are screened since each person is identified on site.


Your time and money are precious. For this reason, our storage services have been developed to be as efficient as possible. They allow you to avoid double handling your items and renting a truck for transport. This means, if you are looking for a quick and cost-effective solution, you can count on us.

How Go Cube works

How does our mobile storage service work? Our process is only three simple steps :

1 – Delivery

We deliver the storage cubes directly to your door. This gives you quick and easy access to your container since it is dropped off where you want it.

2 – Loading

You can take as much time as you need to load the storage cube at your convenience. If needed, you can also ask our team of dedicated movers for help.

3 – Storage

Depending on the nature of your goods, you may want to store them in a heated location. We therefore offer the option to keep your cube in our heated and secure warehouse. If you prefer to keep the container on hand for access at any time, you can also keep it at home.

Who are Go Cube services meant for?

Go Cube’s services are accessible to everyone, from individuals to entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. Cubes can be used to store a few items or an entire home. Storage time can range from a few days to several years. All options are possible and only you can know what your actual needs are.


You are a little too cramped at home and you would like to store some furniture or items or you need to empty a room during your renovations? You will save time and money by choosing our mobile storage service. In addition, you will have access to your belongings at any time. You can also call our team of movers for an efficient moving service.


Many businesses are often faced with a lack of storage space. Our commercial solutions come to their rescue. We help general contractors who want to store furniture from a room that needs renovation, we provide the space needed. You no longer have room for all those archive boxes? A storage cube can accommodate them and free up your space! Your restaurant has a terrace, but no place to store the summer furniture in the winter? Contact us to find your tables and chairs in perfect condition next spring. Moreover, our workforce is available to do the work!

Don’t wait any longer to contact Go Cube

Still have some questions before entrusting us your goods for storage? Don’t hesitate to contact us to clarify any questions you may have. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to offer you the flawless and personalized service that has solidified our reputation for more than 16 years.