Best practices for storing mattresses, chairs and sofas

Are you about to move to the house next door, in another city or in another country? Do you need to find a place to store your belongings short or long-term? No matter where you have chosen to store your belongings, some precautions must be taken. This way, you will be sure to preserve and recover your mattresses, chairs or sofas in their original condition!

Discover the best practices to store your furniture safely!

Properly covering your furniture

In general, it is preferable to cover your furniture when storing it for long periods. While  plastic sheeting is the most common way to protect furniture, it is best to avoid using it during storage. Essentially, your sofas, chairs and mattresses are made of fabrics and therefore need to breathe. It is therefore recommended to use sheets, moving covers or fabric covers to protect them. This will avoid musty smells, dust and the creation of mold.

Think about the ventilation of your storage solution

The place where you choose to store your belongings will inevitably be an enclosed area. It is therefore important to ensure the proper ventilation of your property. To do this, avoid sticking boxes and furniture against the walls so that air can circulate. In the same way, for ground-level humidity, think of raising all your furniture and objects with a pallet to keep them from direct contact with the ground.

Strategically store your mattresses, sofas and chairs to preserve their shapes and colors

Furniture, such as sofas, chairs and mattresses, will quickly deteriorate or become tarnished if it is not properly stored. This is why it is important not to put heavy boxes or belongings on them, at the risk of deforming them and making them uncomfortable. However, you can safely put chairs upside on a couch. Also, remember to store the bed, sofa and chairs first to save space, since they are the largest pieces of furniture in your home.

Finally, be careful about the items you store next to these three pieces of furniture, since they can rub off on each other. This is the case, for example, if you place newspaper-wrapped items up against the fabric of your sofa, chair, or mattress.

Simple solutions for your furniture storage

Storing your furniture, such as a mattress, a chair or a sofa, is not complicated if you stay organized. Moreover, with the help of a mobile storage company like Go Cube, you can move with peace of mind without having to worry about where to store your belongings. We can deliver you the number of cubes necessary for the storage of your goods, store them in our secure premises for the duration of your move and return them to you at your new location.

Contact our team as soon as you need help moving. Go Cube will offer a solution that meets your needs.