Tips to store your Christmas decorations

If you turn your home or business into a full-fledged Santa Claus workshop every year, it’s essential that you are well-organized for your decoration storage. Essentially, such a large number of seasonal items can take up a lot of space in a home, especially if it isn’t stored properly.

Take the time to read these tips so you can easily store your garlands, ornaments and lights until next year. This will save you space and keep your decorations in the best possible conditions.

Storage tips for ornaments

If you like fully garnished Christmas trees, you probably own a variety of differently shaped and coloured ornaments. Often fragile, they require special care to avoid breaking them. That’s why it’s important to put them in solid boxes. Of course, you must also make sure to properly place them to limit the risk of breakage. Do not jumble them in your boxes.

Egg cartons can be used to make sure your Christmas baubles do not rattle. You can place your small ornaments in them and stack them efficiently. Another solution is using empty beer crates with cardboard dividers to hold your fragile accessories that are slightly larger.

Storing garlands

Holiday garlands are great but can also be difficult to store efficiently without taking up too much space at home. To avoid cluttering your closets, you can always use a plastic dustbin (properly cleaned!) to store all your garlands. You can leave them outside all year long until you need them again and nobody will notice!

Christmas lights stored right

It is well known that Christmas lights tend to get entangled, which can become a headache for anyone who wants to install them the following year. To avoid having to undo knots for hours, take the time to store them carefully using a simple but effective technique.

Simply use large pieces of cardboard in which you make notches on the sides. Then you wrap your lights around and avoid the tangling. Imagine the joy of finding your lights ready to be installed next winter!

If you lack storage space

If you own a big house, you probably have enough space in your home to store your Christmas decorations. However, many people, especially in urban areas and in the commercial sector, do not necessarily have the required space. Retailers such as supermarkets or shops may have to store an impressive amount of decorations after the Holiday season.

There are effective solutions to overcome this lack of space. For example, you can get a mobile storage container delivered directly to you or your store and then load it with all your boxes. When you are ready, a truck will pick up the container. Everything will be stored in a safe place until you need it again. You save a lot of valuable storage space this way.

Simple solutions for your decorations

Storing your Christmas decorations can be simple if you make sure to stay organized. Moreover, with the help of a mobile storage companies like Go Cube, you’ll have a great holiday season without dreading the moment you have to put away your decorations! Contact us as soon as you need to store them and we’ll make it easy for you.