How to store your tires as summer approaches

In 2019, flying cars still don’t exist. This means that vehicles still roll on tires. In Quebec, the Highway Safety Code now requires motorists to own a set of tires designed strictly for winter driving. This means that they have to store their winter tires in the summer. This obligation is a major headache for those who lack the necessary space. In this regard, what solutions are available to them? In addition, how do you store your tires as winter approaches?

How to prepare your winter tires before storing them

Like any other item, tires have to be prepared before they are stored. Make sure to clean them to prolong their life. When using tires, they accumulate a lot of brake dust and road dirt. Get out a brush and clean them with water and a mixture of car soap to remove as much dirt as possible. If the tires are mounted on rims, it is also time to clean them.

Next, check the condition of your tires. Inspect them for cracks or signs of deterioration because, while resistant, the rubber degrades over time. Use a depth gauge to check the tread of your tires. Will you need a new set of tires next season? This step will tell you.

Store the tires

Once the tires have been washed, dried and the tread checked, it is time for storage. To do this, place each tire in an opaque plastic bag. This step is intended to prevent the oil contained in the tire compounds from evaporating. Otherwise, the tires would risk drying out prematurely, causing them to crack.

Where to store tires safely

Where are the tires stored once they are ready? There are several options available to you. The most important thing is to keep them indoors, in a cool, dry place. Since they are black, tires stored outside without protection retain a lot of heat. They can even easily heat up to more than 120 degrees F. This high heat, combined with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, can cause tire damage.

Many vehicle owners can store their winter tires at home, whether in their basement or garage. However, if you live in a condo or apartment, this additional storage space isn’t always available to you. What can you do in such cases?

Storage cubes are a very practical and popular storage solution. These storage cubes are nothing more or less than custom-made storage containers. A single cube can contain an amount of material equivalent to one short metric ton, which is more than enough to hold the tires of several vehicles. Companies that rent mobile storage and moving containers deliver your cube, you fill it with your winter tires and other items, and then they pick it up again before storing it safely. Simply brilliant!

Go Cube: winter tire storage solutions as easy as can be

Some things never change. The seasonal cycle is one of them. As summer approaches, make your life easier and choose to store your tires in a storage cube. Simple, easy and practical. Few storage solutions compare to it.

Go Cube offers a range of storage solutions. When storing your winter, or even summer tires, contact us.