How to use storage cubes to sell your home quickly

Selling your home can be a stressful experience. That’s why most people who decide to sell their property are willing to go the extra mile to find a buyer as quickly as possible and make the process less burdensome.

If your home is currently for sale, mobile storage cubes can be very useful in making it even more attractive. Find out how!

Simplify home staging and refine the decor

Home staging involves temporarily moving some of your furniture and fixtures out of your home while it is on the real estate market. This strategy makes it easier for a potential buyer to imagine living in the home and designing it the way they like. Moreover, the features of the house are more prominent when the decor is refined.

With a mobile storage cube delivered directly in front of the house for sale, home staging becomes quick and easy. All you have to do is fill it with as many personal belongings that clutter the residence as possible. The cube can then be moved to a warehouse or to your new home to clear the land.

Temporarily store furniture while you renovate

A building in need of repair is much less attractive to buyers. That’s why many homeowners will renovate their homes before they put them up for sale. Not only does this let them charge a higher price, but the sale can be completed more quickly.

To have more work space, you may need to move furniture. If you need more space, placing your furniture in a weatherproof mobile storage cube located directly on your property is a practical solution. You can keep the cube as long as you like and it can be locked for extra security.

Have storage space while you thoroughly clean your home

Nothing pushes buyers away more than a home that has had housekeeping neglected by its owners. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly clean all rooms in the house before putting it up for sale. To remove all dirt and odours, you have to wash carpets, cabinets, walls… in short, absolutely everything! This will allow visitors to see the true potential of the house.

Storage cubes are perfect if you want to work efficiently and not bump into furniture or objects while you do your extensive cleaning. This residential storage solution can accommodate large furniture, appliances and even gardening tools, if you ever want to do a major garage cleanup!

Want to rent a storage cube to speed up the sale of your home? Think of Go Cube

In conclusion, whether you want to increase your chances of selling your home quickly by doing home staging, renovating some rooms or doing a thorough cleaning, you will get there much more easily with a storage cube.

If you would like information about Go Cube’s mobile storage solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. As an industry leader for more than 12 years, we will happily answer your questions and offer a strategy to make your life easier.