Optimize your storage space with these foolproof tips

Have you rented a storage solution or are you planning to rent one in the near future, but you don’t know how to optimize the available space? Using the right storage techniques makes all the difference when it comes to placing your belongings in a small storage space.

Discover our tips on how to optimize the space available in your storage solution.

Use shelves for maximum storage space

If they aren’t already, shelves will become your favorite fixtures when it comes to storing your items in your storage solution. Shelves will help you to better organize the items you store. Choose metal shelves over plastic ones since they are much stronger. This will allow you to safely place your items, whether heavy or not.

Make room for disassembled furniture in your storage

Your large pieces of furniture are very bulky and take up a lot of space when you store them in one piece. Dismantle them to gain more space. Most of them can be disassembled into smaller and less cumbersome parts. Be sure to keep the small parts you disassemble safe by storing the bolts and screws in small bags that you attach directly to the furniture.

For a better use of space, don’t take everything apart

However, don’t take all your furniture apart. Some large pieces of furniture will allow you to have more storage space if you leave them assembled. Think of your wardrobes, for example. You can very easily leave all the items in the drawers. You can also save on the total number of boxes required.

Choose the right storage boxes to optimize your storage solution’s space

For optimal storage space, use boxes instead of bags. Bags are difficult to stack and create a real mess as well as being easily ripped. Choose boxes of the same size and fill them up as much as possible. Using boxes of the same size will also allow you to stack them easily.

Place heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and lighter items on top. Don’t fill your boxes with only heavy items or they may break. You will also find it easier to handle them.

Consider clearing an aisle to facilitate access

Last but not least, clear an aisle for easy access to your storage space. After all, what good is it if you can’t access it? There’s no need to clear an overly wide aisle. Leave just enough space to comfortably take out a box. Then you can take the next ones out easily.

Go Cube: optimal storage solutions for better use of your storage space

While properly storing your items for optimal storage space may not be science, it is not straightforward for everyone. This is where a specialist can work with you and help you in your efforts.

Go Cube is a proven leader in the field. When planning your next storage job, contact us. We will help you optimize your storage solution’s space.