The benefits of storage cubes for your temporary events

If you are a temporary event organizer, you, without a doubt, understand that the storage of the items that are required for assembly and dismantling, as well as the event coordination itself, is a major challenge.

In general, the organizers’ needs will vary according to the event location and the type of equipment to be stored. However, there is a storage solution that is effective in any situation. These are storage cubes.

Discover the benefits of storage cubes for better temporary event management.

Storage cube mobility

Temporary events are not all held in places that are easily accessible. For example, an emerging music festival in a remote area can take place on rough terrain.

One of the strengths of storage cubes is the simplicity of delivering them to the exact spot where you need them. Cubes are transported securely attached to a truck equipped with a flatbed. They can be dropped off directly where you want them, using an agile forklift.

Therefore, you won’t have to carry the material you need to store over long distances since the cubes are always placed near the area where their contents will be used.

Easy cube access

One of the weaknesses of many storage solutions is how difficult it is to access the storage space. For example, loading items in a truck often requires a tailgate.

You won’t have to manage this accessibility problem when using storage cubes. Cubes are placed directly on the ground and open completely on one side. You can even walk inside them to arrange the various items for maximum storage efficiency.

It’s therefore extremely easy to store all the items you want from the floor to the ceiling and optimize the available space.

Storage cube waterproofing

If your temporary event is held outside, you will want the material you store to be protected against the elements. This is an important challenge as many types of equipment can be damaged by rain, sun or too much humidity.

Mobile storage cubes are waterproof and can effectively protect your equipment. They are delivered wrapped with a waterproof cover that adds an additional layer of protection from bad weather and humidity. Moreover, because the cubes are slightly elevated above the ground, there is no risk of them becoming quickly flooded in heavy rain.

Mobile storage cubes are highly secure

If you need to store valuable equipment from your temporary event at the end of each day, it is crucial that your storage solution needs to be secure.

Storage cubes are equipped with locking systems so that only you have access to their contents. You can therefore leave your sound equipment, lighting systems or decors in your cubes all night long without fearing that an ill-intentioned individual will rummage inside.

Reserving your storage cubes

Storage cubes are an ideal solution for temporary event organizers looking for additional storage space.

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