What factors determine the rental price of a mobile storage cube?

Do you need to store goods? Have you heard about the benefits of mobile storage cubes? A flexible and practical solution, container rental can simplify the storage of a wide range of items in a wide variety of circumstances.

Although prices are generally affordable for the services provided, it should be noted that the cost of this type of service will depend on certain factors.

The volume of material to be stored

The first thing that will influence a storage cube’s rental price is of course the amount of material you plan to store in it. Naturally, it is not easy to calculate the exact volume of furniture, boxes and items you want to place in it, but a simple estimate can help you get a clearer picture. This will give the company offering the mobile storage service a good idea of the cube format you will need and whether one cube will be enough.

The location where the cube will be delivered

Since mobile storage cubes are delivered directly to the location of your choice for easy loading, it is common for the total rental price to fluctuate with the delivery distance to be covered. The cost of delivery in remote areas will of course be higher. However, some mobile storage container rental companies operate in several regions of Quebec, which benefits customers located far away from major centres.

Whether or not the cube will be placed in a heated warehouse

One of the advantages of mobile storage is that you can either leave the container on your property to access the items you have placed in it or leave it to the rental company to store it in a secure, weatherproof warehouse. Despite the fact that the cubes are mostly waterproof, this second strategy is particularly effective for storing valuable items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. For example, if you need to store electronic equipment over a long period of time, spending a bit more to ensure that the cube will be under constant surveillance in a controlled environment can be beneficial.

The length of time the mobile storage cube is rented

As with most lease contracts, the longer the term of the agreement, the higher the invoice payable.

However, one of the advantages of mobile storage cubes is that they can be rented in the short term, for example, to store furniture during a post-disaster clean-up or for minor renovations to a room in your home.

Get a fast quote for a storage cube rental

You are now familiar with the main factors that determine the rental price of one or more storage cubes.

That said, if you would like to have an even more accurate idea of the amount you will have to pay to store your items, don’t hesitate to ask Quebec’s mobile storage specialists for a fast quote: Go Cube. Rest assured that our team will do everything in its power to offer you competitive prices and the flawless and personalized service that has helped us build our reputation for over 12 years.