Storage solution for shopkeepers: where to store terrace items at the end of summer

Terrace season is coming to an end! Shopkeepers, especially restaurant owners, need to start planning how they will store their outdoor furniture during the cold season and bring it back out in spring.

While there are several terrace storage solutions, only one provides maximum benefits to shopkeepers: mobile storage cubes. Find out why.

A mini mobile warehouse service that will simplify your life

“Time is money!” Entrepreneurs understand this well. That’s why the commercial storage solution they choose should be time-saving.

Containers delivered where you need them, when you need them

Renting a storage space is a significant logistical challenge. Indeed, this option involves renting a truck to transport the items to the warehouse. It also means that the vehicle will have to be unloaded at the warehouse and the process repeated in the spring.

With mobile storage cubes, you can avoid these time-consuming tasks. Simply inform the company that owns the cubes when and where you want to receive them. A truck designed to transport them will deliver the container directly to your establishment. Once loaded, the cube will be picked up by the company and placed directly in a warehouse.

Once spring arrives, you can easily have the cube delivered to your restaurant. This limits the handling of your property as much as possible.

Easy-to-fill cubes

Another advantage of the cubes is their easy access. Unlike a truck, the loading door for mobile containers is at ground level, which greatly facilitates loading. This aspect is worth considering when heavy items need to be moved.

Of course, this feature is just as worthwhile when it comes time to unload the cubes!

A secure storage solution

The benefits listed above, however, would not be as convincing if mobile storage wasn’t also a very safe alternative to traditional storage.

Waterproof cubes that can be locked

Mobile storage cubes have a waterproof cover that keeps their contents safe from the weather and moisture during loading and transport to the warehouse. The cube doors can also be locked to make sure no one can access their contents without permission.

Heated warehouses under surveillance

Once in the warehouse where they will spend winter, the cubes are placed in a specially adapted environment. The premises are maintained at an ideal temperature.

In addition, the building is equipped with surveillance cameras and access is restricted to clients only.

Get the best terrace storage solution

For the many reasons listed above, there is no doubt that mobile storage is the best solution for storing outdoor furniture or restaurant terraces.

If you are a restaurant owner yourself and would like to reserve your cubes, do not hesitate to contact Go Cube. A true benchmark for mobile storage in Quebec for over 12 years, our company will offer you a service that perfectly meets your needs.