Where can you store your equipment and booth at trade shows?

Trade shows such as fairs, exhibitions or forums are great opportunities for a company to increase its brand awareness and customer portfolio.

For this event to be a total success, you need to bring special equipment such as a booth, billboards and brochures to maximize your visibility. However, what can you do with this equipment once your event is over? Where are you going to store it until the next show? We found some effective solutions for storing your booth and other equipment.

Rent equipment that doesn’t require storage

For companies that only occasionally participate in trade shows, is it really necessary to buy the booth and equipment? In this case, the simplest and most cost-effective option is to rent equipment.

This way, you won’t have to worry about storage. There are several suppliers of kiosks and everything needed to build a booth for trade events. These are all rentable at very competitive rates. This is an effective option especially if your participation at the event in question is occasional.

Store materials in your offices

In the event that your business habitually participates in trade shows, purchasing exhibition materials will undoubtedly be a more cost-effective solution in the long-run. If your business is lucky enough to have spacious offices, you can of course dedicate an empty room to storing your commercial event equipment. You will have to make sure that the volume of equipment will fit in the room and through the front door. Moreover, you will need to make sure the material is stored properly so it doesn’t wear down during the slow period between trade shows.

Choose a warehouse that comes to you

The ultimate solution for storing your exhibition equipment would be to opt for a storage cube that comes with several advantages. First, the accessibility and mobility of the cubes allow you to access your equipment whenever you want, any time you need it for an event. Secondly, you decide the location of your cube. You can keep it on your property or entrust it to us for storage in a secure warehouse.

Finally, the cubes are relatively spacious. If you have other equipment to store, you can easily leverage your space inside the cube and store everything in one location.

In conclusion

There are many storage solutions for your exhibition equipment. Whether you have space or not, whether you need a solution that is temporary or permanent, accessible, large or small, free or not, we hope you find the solution that suits you best on this list.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss a customized solution for the storage of your equipment.