Where to store your basement furniture during a flood

Winter is finally coming to an end! Temperatures are rising and snow is melting at a steady rate. Of course, all this melting snow and ice causes the flow of rivers to swell and groundwater levels to rise, which can cause flooding in homes, especially in the basement.

If you are vulnerable to this type of disaster, it would be prudent to prepare for a potential flood by having a plan to protect the furniture and personal belongings you keep in the basement.

With this in mind, discover an emergency storage solution that has everything you need to make your life easier in the event of water leaking into your basement: mobile storage cubes.

When water threatens to reach your basement, you need a storage solution that can be used quickly

When the spring water levels begin to rise, accurately predicting the height that they will reach is difficult. One thing is for sure, however: once the water starts to enter your basement, it is already too late to react and put everything in it in a safe place. By having a mobile storage cube delivered to your property as soon as the first signs of a flood occur, you will be ready to store your belongings as soon as the flooding begins.

Naturally, if a defect in your French drain or submersible pump causes water infiltration, the damage cannot always be predicted. In such a case, you should know that your cube delivery will be treated as a priority. You will be placed at the top of the list and will receive your cube as soon as possible.

Need to renovate after a disaster? With mobile storage, it’s easy

In many cases, basement flooding causes damage and renovation work must be done to replace soiled or soaked materials. When choosing mobile storage, this is easier than it sounds.

Quickly placing your furniture in a safe place frees up the space needed to undertake disaster clean-up and renovations. If the work requires a few weeks, you can even request that your mobile cube be placed in a heated and secure warehouse. This will protect your belongings from the cold and the risk of theft.

Once the work is completed, all you have to do is make an appointment to have your cube delivered directly to your home.

Emergency storage that simplifies insurance claims

Being a disaster victim is never easy. One reason is that you have to negotiate with your insurance company to get compensation while also managing the emergency. At least when you choose mobile storage to secure your belongings during a flood, you can count on the support of a whole team that will save you time and energy.

When you rent a mobile storage cube, you can have the rental company manage the insurance claim for the storage of your belongings.

Go Cube, your partner when disaster strikes for over 12 years

As you can see, mobile storage cubes are a solution that allows you to quickly and safely store your belongings in the event of a flood.

If you want to be well prepared for a potential flood, why not contact the leading mobile storage company in Quebec? Go Cube offers the fast service, reliability and security you need in delicate situations such as water infiltration in the basement. You can trust our team to support you when disaster strikes.