Where to store your excess items when living in a small apartment

Living in a location where space is almost non-existent can be tough. You love your small apartment but storing your belongings can quickly become complicated. While you aren’t prepared to get rid of your excess items, you still have no idea what to do with them.

Don’t panic! There are a range of solutions that could help to solve your space shortage. From usual traditional furniture storage to self-storage, you will certainly find a suitable option to store your excess items and free up your tiny apartment.

The storage facility: a traditional solution to reduce clutter in your housing

The storage facility or warehouse remains the traditional solution for people who want to store their furniture, such as during a move. When this type of service is used, the movers handle everything. They are responsible for depositing your belongings in the warehouse you have chosen.

Despite a storage facility being an option to consider for storing goods short or long-term, it still has disadvantages. Indeed, once your items are packaged and placed in a warehouse, you won’t be able to access it as you please. You will need to make an appointment with the company with you do business with and schedule a time to open your storage unit, which comes at an extra cost. Not to mention that it is very likely that storage facilities will be specialized in the storage of large objects, such as furniture, and not the things you can store in cardboard boxes.

Self storage: a solution near your small apartment

Unlike the storage facility, self storage allows you to rent a vacant space where you can drop off your belongings and access them at any time. Different sizes of premises are available depending on the companies you are dealing with and it is even possible to change the lease term of your storage space.

However, this type of solution does not allow you to move your belongings to many different locations. That’s why Go Cube is a perfect solution.

Storage cubes: an innovative solution to store your excess items

Storage cubes, like those offered by Go Cube, offer many benefits. First, the cubes give you an ideal space for storing your excess belongings. These are delivered close to your home, making it easy to move your excess items and free up space in your home.

In addition, if you are unable to keep these cubes around your home, you can store them in a suitable and secure warehouse for a desired period. Since each cube is equipped with a locking system, no one can access its contents, which provides complete protection for your belongings.

Custom solutions to store your surplus items

If you own a small apartment and need some space to store your belongings, do not hesitate to contact Go Cube. With our mobile storage solution, our team will be at your disposal to offer you the best solution that meets your needs.