Where can you store your furniture between two moves?

With the July period fast approaching, moving season will soon begin. However, not everyone moving will have the ability to move into to their new home immediately. What do you do when the lease on your old residence ends and your new keys will only be received a few days later? Where do you store your furniture and all your belongings during this waiting period?

Discover the best options available to keep your furniture safe.

Warehouse and furniture repository: keep your furniture in a fixed location

A furniture repository is a method of providing a location to store your belongings. The advantage is that, with some companies, you have access to your goods at any time with a key or code that you are provided with once you obtain your location.

This method nevertheless has a disadvantage: you are the only person in charge of operations. From packing cardboard boxes to arranging the storage room and depositing the furniture, no service is provided. This can be a source of stress that adds to the exhaustion and pressure that comes from moving.

Mobile storage: a simple and effective solution for your furniture

Does mobile storage ring a bell? In simple terms, it is the option of having a storage box sent directly to your home. Fill it as you please and keep it at the delivery point for the time of the move or send it to a secure warehouse before having it delivered to the location of your choice.

This storage method has two main advantages. First, having the ability to pack your boxes alone during whatever period you desire. The second advantage is being able to keep this storage space near your old residence (provided you have the required authorization) or store it on premises specially designed for its storage.

With this solution, you have complete independence in filling the box and you can store it for the entire period before your move.

Choosing the right storage solution for your needs

Depending on your needs, various solutions are available to store your furniture. In addition to the usual solutions such as friends or family, furniture repositories, self-storage facilities or mobile storage cubes will allow you to simplify the transition between two moves.

If you do not know where to store your furniture, you can contact Go Cube to find a fast and efficient way to keep your belongings in a safe place without having to travel to transport them. Number 1 in the field in Quebec for years, Go Cube will offer you a solution tailored to your needs.