Where to store furniture during renovations

The time has come for you to renovate your home. A little change is good, right? The only problem is not knowing where to store your furniture during this period. If you want to avoid having your furniture damaged by accidental hammer blows or daubs of stray paint, we recommend storing your furniture somewhere besides the center of the room you are renovating. Here are several options available to you.

Things to consider before choosing a storage solution

Volume of furniture

Before choosing a storage solution, you need to estimate the total volume of furniture that you want to store. To estimate this, assemble all your furniture in the center of a room. You can visually estimate the total volume it represents which will be a factor to consider in determining your storage needs.

Available budget

Renovations can sometimes be expensive. What’s more, this cost can also increase depending on the storage solution you choose. So, whether or not it is zero, defining the budget you have for the temporary storage of your furniture is important.

Access to your stored furniture

The last decisive consideration is the accessibility of your furniture once it is in storage. Imagine you need one of your pieces of furniture during the renovation period. It would be embarrassing not to have free access. Think about the issue of accessibility before making your decision.

Many storage solutions for different needs

At home or with friends and relatives

The simplest and most cost-effective solution would be to store your furniture at home in an unoccupied room such as your cellar, garage or office. If you don’t have one, another alternative is to ask for help from your friends or family. They might have a space that you can use to store your furniture.

In this case, budget and accessibility issues will be resolved. The volume could possibly be problematic.

In a rental container

You can also rent a container to store your furniture for a pre-defined period. The owner drops off the empty container in your garden so that you can fill it by yourself. Once your renovations are done and the container is emptied, the company will then pick up the container.

This solution requires a certain budget and a truck-accessible outdoor space that can accommodate the container.

Choose flexible mobile storage

If the previous solutions don’t suit your needs, you can always opt for a more flexible and customizable solution: renting a storage cube!

This self-storage solution has several advantages. The cube you choose is delivered directly to your home. After filling the cube, you can request that it be stored in heated and secure premises for the time needed or leave it at home if you wish.

In conclusion on storing your furniture during renovations

If you remember to consider the three criteria of volume, budget and accessibility, you will surely find the best storage solution for your furniture during renovations, whether it’s a room at a friend’s house, a container or a cube. Moreover, if you are tempted by the flexibility of cubes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily recommend a solution that meets your needs.