Storing your garden furniture in winter to better preserve it

Winter is the season when it comes to enjoy the falling snow, gaze at the leafless trees and wrap yourself in a warm coat. However, this season is much less pleasant for your garden furniture. Cold weather can be devastating for your outdoor furniture and accessories. Therefore, it is important to take care of them and find an appropriate storage solution to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

Here are the damages that can be caused by bad weather and the solutions available to store your garden furniture in winter.

Damage that cold and snow can cause to garden furniture

Wood is a very weather-resistant material. On the other hand, poor quality wood, which is found in a great deal of cheap garden furniture, is a particularly fragile material, especially if it has to spend the cold season outdoors.

The same is true for plastic and resin furniture, which is simply not equipped to counter the harmful effects of freezing, since it greatly weakens them and can even break them at times. Not to mention that the sun’s UV rays will tend to fade them.

Metal furniture is also not spared from the harsh winter weather. The risk of rust is particularly high for this type of material.

In short, rainwater, humidity, frost and UV rays are the worst enemies of outdoor furniture.

Mobile storage to avoid the deterioration of your garden furniture in winter

As you can see, protecting your garden furniture during the winter is essential to preserve it. To this end, mobile storage cubes are a perfect solution to preserve the appearance and sturdiness of your furniture. With their waterproof cover, your furniture will be protected from bad weather and humidity.

If you lack storage space at home to store your garden furniture in winter

When it comes to storing your barbecue and deckchairs, finding the ideal place to store them all winter long is not as easy as it sounds. This is especially true for people living in apartments who do not have a large storage closet. This is the same problem that many people have when it comes to tidying up their Christmas decorations.

A popular strategy is using a plastic sheet to cover your garden furniture. However, this solution is far from being the most effective way to protect your property. Indeed, these tarps do not guarantee you any security, since your furniture remains within reach of everything and does not prevent mould and frost from forming.

Store your garden furniture in safe and spacious storage cubes

With a cube, you will be able to store all your furniture safely, in roomy spaces that you can fill at your own pace. In addition, you will be able to lock them and you alone will be able to unlock them.

Once filled, the cubes can be stored at home if you wish to have them available or they can be moved to a well-maintained warehouse monitored by a surveillance camera.

Go Cube: the solution for storing your garden furniture during winter

To store your garden furniture in winter, mobile storage is the best solution, since it will protect it from the elements as best as possible until next summer.

If you are interested in booking storage cubes, do not hesitate to contact Go Cube. We will offer you the best solution that meets your needs. A true leader in mobile storage in Quebec, our teams will guarantee the protection of your outdoor furniture.