What is self storage?

Planning a move? Overloaded garage that drives you crazy? Renovations that need to be quickly completed? Temporarily storing your belongings is sometimes a necessity. Several storage solutions exist for this purpose. One of these solutions helps you save time and money: self storage.

Let’s take a closer look at this simple and practical way of gaining space.

Why use self storage?

There are many reasons to contact a self storage company.

You might need to store your belongings when selling your home and not moving immediately.

Renovation work usually requires to free some space. Bedroom furnishings need to be removed before renovating. The same goes for changing your flooring or for plumbing work. Storing your goods outside the home will allow you to comfortably renovate your rooms.

Commercial records and documents take up a lot of space and leave offices cluttered. For businesses, it can be extremely convenient to store them externally.

Self storage can be very helpful during the winter. Restaurants and bars can protect their terrace furniture from cold and snow. Individuals can also use containers to store seasonal items such as winter sports equipment.

The concept of self-storage

Self storage is the permanent or temporary storage of items on the premises of a specialized business for companies and individuals.

With self-storage, the types of premises can vary from a small locker to a massive garage, depending on your needs.

The Go Cube method

The Go Cube concept is simple: a storage cube is delivered directly to your home. You fill it at your own pace, according to your schedule. Our team takes care of the pickup and storage in our secure and heated site. When you’re ready, we will bring back the cube(s) to the location of your choice.

Self-storage conditions

There are many locations to store goods. The most widespread are mini-storages, those small rooms that look like a garage and lock from the outside. They function as an extension of your home.

At Go Cube, our containers are custom-built to optimize storage. Their structure can accommodate a large number of items and keep them in perfect condition.

A Go Cube unit has a 2000-pound capacity, the equivalent of a short metric ton. It opens easily across its entire width. The cube consists of a wood structure that is wrapped with a waterproof cover to protect it from bad weather and moisture.


Self-storage is a practical and cost-efficient solution to store goods outside your home. If you have items to store, don’t hesitate to contact Go Cube.