Why is mobile storage a good alternative to moving trucks?

Whether you are moving the contents of a small apartment from one place to another or moving all the furniture in a house over a long distance, moving is always a challenge. However, there are ways to make it easier for yourself, especially when it comes to storing and transporting your belongings.

Although rental trucks are very popular during the moving period, they have some drawbacks that can generate added stress. However, this unnecessary stress can be avoided during your move by using a mobile storage cube rental service.

Here are several reasons why mobile storage is a great alternative to rental trucks is when moving.

Take your time to place your belongings in the mobile cubes

Most companies that offer truck rental will bill their customers based on a pre-determined hourly rate. In addition, the truck often has to be returned at a specific time, leaving very little flexibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Doing so puts a lot of pressure on customers since they have to pick up the truck and fill it up as quickly as possible and then unload it at the new address in order to transfer the vehicle the same day and avoid a large invoice.

With mobile storage cubes, you can decide when your container will be delivered to your home. This way, you can have it delivered several days before your move and take the time you need to arrange as many items and goods as possible before you leave.

With the mobile cubes, there is no stress of driving a big truck

When you choose to move using storage cubes, you eliminate the need to drive a large truck yourself. The portable container is delivered directly to your door by the cube rental company and one of its staff members will also transport it to your new home.

Loading storage cubes is easier and safer

Loading a rental truck can be trickier than it seems. Some trucks lack an access ramp, which means you have to lift all your furniture and personal belongings. Moving appliances on a loading ramp a few centimetres wide is no easy task. Why not choose a moving option that reduces the risk of injury and offers ground-level loading such as storage cubes?

Mobile cubes simplify your storage

Sometimes, some people have to leave their current place of residence before their new home is even ready to accommodate them. In these particular cases, the moving truck will be impractical, since the goods will have to be loaded, unloaded in a warehouse, and then reloaded and unloaded when the new home is available.

However, dealing with this situation is a breeze for people who choose mobile storage. Indeed, the cube filled with furniture or items only has to be placed in the landlord’s temperature-controlled and secure warehouse for the necessary period of time, and then delivered to the new address at the appropriate time.

Go Cube’s mobile storage, for an easier move

This is why mobile storage cubes are an appealing alternative to truck rental when it comes to planning a move.

For more information on mobile storage, do not hesitate to contact the Quebec leader in this field: Go Cube. We will guide you through the planning of a streamlined move.