Multiple options for commercial realities


To meet the storage needs of all entrepreneurs, Go Cube offers a service specifically designed for businesses. Regardless of your industry, you can now enjoy the many benefits of our mobile storage containers and our moving service.


Storage solutions for renovation companies

Need space to work?

Clear the way by using our mobile storage solution to get rid of everything preventing you from working efficiently with full peace of mind. No need to move. No time wasted. You will never have to go out of your way since your clients will have access to their cubes at any time during the work process, for as long as they require.

You can also use our cubes for temporary storage of tools, building materials or equipment at your work site.


Storage for disaster recovery, cleaning businesses and insurers

Does your client need to store goods and furniture that survived a disaster? 

We offer a turnkey service: a team of movers loads the mini containers and stores them for you! As a result, the recovery team can proceed with post-disaster renovations without fear of damaging your client’s furniture. Simple, effective and cost-efficient!

Restaurants terasse

Dedicated service for retailers, restaurants, bars and cafes

Want to store your patio furniture away from the snow during winter?

We offer a mobile mini-warehouse service that will make your life easier and save you money! Whether it is inventory, displays, stands, or even for your terrace, outdoor patio or deck furniture, bars, tables, chairs or any kind of equipment, we can help for a short or long-term basis, ideal for a seasonal or temporary need.


Overnight on-site storage solutions for events and more

Need to store your equipment overnight?

Don’t leave expensive equipment vulnerable to theft or vandalism. We deliver mini containers that can be stored and locked on location.

Need to store your equipment until the next event? 

We deliver and pick up the cubes directly at your event and store them in a heated and secure warehouse 24 hours a day until you need them again.

Demenagement Bureau

Commercial moving service

Is your company moving its premises? We offer a moving service for businesses and stores who needs to relocate.

The Go Moving team is specially trained to handle your goods with the utmost care and pack your equipment with our boxes and moving supplies.

Use Go Cube to plan the most effective commercial move.

Entrust your commercial storage needs to Go Cube

For a quote or details about our mobile storage service or our workforce service, contact us today. A member of our team will assess your situation and guide you to a highly tailored service.

Don’t leave your precious belongings in untrained hands. By choosing the leader in mobile storage in Quebec for 16 years, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.