Step 1: We deliver your containers

The first step with Go Cube storage service is delivering the storage cubes directly to your home, at your convenience.

The cubes are securely attached and delivered on a flatbed truck. Then, using a three-wheel forklift, the cubes are placed in your driveway or on your property, wherever you want (a clearance of 11 feet wide by 13 feet high is required).

You can also have your storage cubes delivered to an alley behind a business or to any other place where the merchandise is located that doesn’t encroach on someone else’s property.

Go Cube delivery benefits

Save time and money

Having your storage cube delivered directly to your doorstep saves a great deal of time. Rather than having to walk several meters with boxes or furniture to load a truck, simply take a few steps and put them in your cube. Moreover, there is no need to pick up the truck or unload it at the warehouse. No relocating or truck rental required since all the stages are carried out directly at home!

Flexible service

Go Cube always takes the precaution of delivering more cubes than you order so you never run out of space when loading. This way, don’t have to order additional storage cubes, which would involve a second delivery. A good way to avoid additional delivery charges.

However, rest assured that you will only pay for the cubes you have used. Your bill will always reflect your actual use.

Schedule your cube delivery now

If you want our team to deliver your storage cubes as soon as possible, contact us now. We can schedule your delivery without delay.