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A representative from our team will contact you as soon as possible to get all the details about your needs.


Our team will treat the delivery of your cube(s) as a priority.


Your belongings will be rapidly placed in a safe environment in our lockable cubes and stored indoors on our secure premises.


You can quickly begin the reconstruction work and regain control of the situation.

Go Cube emergency storage after disaster

We understand that disasters are stressful and that you need to deal with professionals who can help you as quickly as possible. That’s why emergency disaster relief requests are always treated as a priority at Go Cube. We make sure to assist you in managing your crisis so you can quickly proceed with reconstruction and reduce your stress as much as possible. Our goal is to make your life easier so you can focus your energy on what’s important.

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In a crisis situation?
Follow these steps after a disaster


Make sure all people and animals are safe.


Contact your insurance company to give a preliminary report. Even if you do not have all the details in the first hours after the disaster, opening a file quickly will allow you to accelerate your insurer’s processing and access your benefits in a shorter timeframe. In accordance with the insurance companies, once the file is open, we can manage the claim and the various steps that follow directly with the insurer to save you time and energy.


If certain areas of your property are safe from damage, move your belongings (safely) to an area where damage will be limited.


Contact us to have storage cubes delivered to your home. Safely store your belongings and free up the space needed for the work to be done. You can then concentrate on reconstruction planning. When you no longer have to worry about your belongings, you will have the peace of mind and focus needed to manage the next stages.


When you have regained control of the situation, make an appointment to have your cubes returned to your home. You can then peacefully replace your belongings in your new setting at your own pace.

Go Cube, providing efficient support for over 16 years

With our unique service and proven methods of storage and moving, our company stands out as a benchmark among Quebecers. Whether you are a corporation or an individual in an emergency situation, you can count on the expertise we have acquired over the years. We offer the fast service, reliability and security you need. Our trusted team will be there every step of the way. We have been working as recognized service providers with many insurance companies for several years.
We serve the greater Montreal area, including the North Shore and South Shore, as well as Granby, Bromont and surrounding areas, Mauricie and the greater Quebec City area.

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*Note that our offices are open from 9AM to 6PM Monday to Friday and from 9AM to 4PM on Saturdays. If you contact us outside business hours, your email will be processed by our team as early as possible on the next business day.