Why Go Cube ?

A well established brand

Take a few moments to explore the rewarding business opportunity that a Go Cube franchise represents. To begin, when you partner with a recognized name, you’re off to a head start already, as you don’t need to establish your brand and reputation in the hearts and minds of prospective customers. What could be more advantageous than starting a business with an already established capital of trust? And what’s more, you will have proven marketing tools at the ready—no need for you to develop them yourself. All of this saves you valuable time so you can concentrate on what’s essential: offering your customers unparallelled service.

A concept in tune with the demographics

Go Cube has implemented a novel concept in Quebec that is destined to gain ground. In fact, the services offered by Go Cube respond to a variety of growing needs, including, the relocation of baby boomers, the largest cohort of potential movers in history, because they are entering retirement. Estate settlement, which often entails the sale of a property and storage of its furniture, is another promising market segment. For these reasons, we encourage those who are interested,  to establish themselves in this business early on


  • Go Cube is the first to have implemented mobile storage in Quebec
  • More than 3000 cubes outstanding
  • 4 service points in Quebec

An all inclusive franchise

  • Efficient customer service
  • A proven Marketing Strategy
  • Administration optimised
  • Wholesale prices for your equipment
  • Strong branding
  • Support for your growth in real time

Your role : Focus on building

  • Development of your local business
  • Organize your routes
  • Make your deliveries
  • Manage your warehouse
  • Maintain your trucks and equipment to keep a perfect image

Our role : Keep innovating

  • Support the development of your franchise
  • Provide an impeccable customer service
  • Perform royalties
  • Constantly optimizing the IT system, the website and all the marketing
  • Support you in your growth

Locations available  :

Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay Lac St-Jean

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