Step 2: Loading the storage cubes

With Go Cube, overall handling time is cut in half since there is no unloading and reloading from the traditional warehouse unit/locker in and out of a rented truck or your own vehicle. In addition, you eliminate the stress that comes with truck rental rates since you can take all the time you need to load your cubes. The cubes are placed as close as possible to the loading point to facilitate the work.

Tips and tricks: How to optimize your storage

With our mobile storage expertise, Go Cube can provide valuable advice to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Maximize your cube’s efficiency

• Place heavy boxes at the bottom of the cube and light boxes above.
• Don’t leave empty space in the boxes since they can collapse when stacked. To prevent stacks of boxes from collapsing, use similar sized boxes.
• Use moving blankets to protect and pack your furniture.
• To store clothes on hangers, take a dozen and put them in a large garbage bag. Make a hole for the hangars and tie the bottom to prevent clothes from slipping out of the bag. Wardrobe boxes are truly worth the investment since you will be able to store many clothes without risking damage or creasing. Not to mention how fast you can unpack them!
• Pack fragile items and dishes with wrapping paper (unprinted newspaper) or in towels, sheets or blankets to protect them from shocks.
• Finally, the last items to be loaded in the cube should be mirrors and fragile items.

Retrieve your items more effectively

• Make an inventory of the goods in storage, identify the boxes and make a blueprint of the stored items to find them easily. Quick tip: number the boxes and write their contents on a sheet that you will keep safe. Take the time to note the cube number so you don’t have to open all your cubes when searching for something specific.
• To maximize space in the mobile storage container, remove your furniture legs and store items in appliances. Place frames and mirrors upright rather than flat.
• Use your garbage bins to store gardening tools and equipment.
• Be sure to keep the items you will need often or on short notice near the door.

Avoid attracting unwelcome cube visitors

• To avoid bed bugs, cover mattresses with a waterproof plastic cover.
• Block appliance doors so they only slightly open. Make sure stoves and refrigerators are clean so they don’t attract rodents, especially since food residues mold quickly.

Ensure the safety of your belongings

• Respect the list of products prohibited by the company. This includes: plants, food (perishable or not), valuables, car batteries, propane gas cylinders for BBQs, explosive or flammable products, paints and solvents and chemical or corrosive products with a leakage or fire risks.

Storage cube spec sheet

Exclusive to Go Cube, our famous custom-made moving and storage container is easy to manipulate in storage and on-site and built sturdy to secure every item.

  • IMG_1081Dimensions – Approximately 5 ft (152cm) wide X 8 ft (244cm) long X 7ft (213cm) high
  • 2000 lb capacity (1 short metric ton)
  • Wooden structure allows for optimal air circulation and humidity prevention
  • Full opening on the front of the cube for easy loading

Get help loading your cubes

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