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The Go Cube’s Specifications

Our famous custom-made wooden container easily manipulated in storage and easy to manoeuvre on-site or operate in confined spaces plus very sturdy to secure every item.

  • Wooden structure allows for optimal air circulation and prevents against humidity.

  • Complete opening of one side of the cube to simplify loading.

  • Wrapped in premium waterproof cover.

  • 2000 lb capacity (1 short metric ton).


Examples of what fits in one storage unit (images for reference only)

The livingroom = 1 cube

Appliances = 1 cube

1 bedroom = 1 cube


Only 3 steps for 1001 ways

A million ways to use Go Cube, more than likely, you made it all the way here for one of the following reason.

  • Waiting to have access to your new home and you need storage? Store your property in our container. We deliver the mini storage locker to your door step and we store it in our climate controlled warehouse.

  • Dealing with some type of water damage and you need to clear away the area? Store the furniture you saved! You keep your goods in our mobile locker until your house is fixed.

  • Replacing your hardwood floors to give them a new life? Have your own warehouse in your driveway! You can keep the portable storage container at home until your floors are replaced. You can have 24/7 access to your goods.

  • You’re a student looking to store your furniture for the summer? You can store your apartment contents until you find a new one. No need to rent a truck or a trailer, we deliver the mini container and we store it in a 24h secured warehouse. You save time and money!

  • Need to store inventory, material or equipment? Our container is very sturdy and can store more than 2000 pounds!

  • Promotional material or exposition booth to store for an undetermined period? You can store on site to protect your equipment. You can also store it in our storage facility until your next event!

  • Patio and outdoor furniture, stands and other items to put away for the winter? Keep your furniture in good shape and store it in our mobile lockers until the pleasant weather is back!

  • Renovating your garage, basement, shed or bedrooms? Time for a new interior design? Make some room by bringing the warehouse into your driveway. Store it close to you gives quick access to your goods.

  • Found a life partner and looking to put all the doubles away for a while? No problem, we have unbeatable prices for long term storage.

  • Looking into freeing up your apartment or condo of sporting goods and accessories? Make more room by storing your sporting goods!

  • Collectibles, antiques, big items such as camping equipment too cumbersome for you? Don’t worry, our mobile containers are safely locked and climate controlled.

  • Heritage? Legacy? Settling an estate and looking for temporary storage solutions? We can help you by providing manpower. We deliver, pack and store the containers in our warehouse.

  • Looking to declutter your real estate property to sell quickly? To clear for home staging? It’s quick and easy with our mobile container.


Sell your property in a record time with a home staging strategy!

Is your house too cluttered? Interior design and decor too cumbersome? Go Cube has a solution to your problem, short-term portable storage to efficiently clear the way. It allows you to refine the look of your home and create the ‘’wow’’ factor you need, the essential appealing visual impact that increases your chances of selling your home quickly.

  • We deliver your mini-storage mobile containers to your door.
  • You wrap and pack (or we can), then fill up the cube with what we need to load.
  • We move and store the cube away once we reached just the right level of tidiness needed.
  • Whenever you need it, we deliver the mobile storage units to your new home.